Steins;Gate Episode 3

Paranoia of Parallel Process

Alex: So we finally get to hear Steins Gate mentioned on the screen, turns out that it’s just the mad scientists nonsense words again. But ya know, that aside…this is really starting to interest me now. “Z-Program”, the revelation that the microwave can time travel, and Karisu’s breakdown after hearing that it’s a time machine…it’s all building up to a very interesting story, actually. And the best part is that it’s told with the dialouge instead of with a cheesy method, it’s been a very long time since such a diaglouge heavy story has interested me this much.

Then again, I would be lying if I said that this isn’t the perfect kinda series for me…dark, mysterious and sci-fi. The only annoying thing is that they wasted too long dancing around the whole “You’re a pervert for touching me!” “No, you’re a pervert for thinking naughty things about bananas!” scenario at the start.

One thought on “Steins;Gate Episode 3

  1. I will probably check this out now… I have been holding off to make sure it is interesting and it seems to be the case. Dark and mysterious seems to be my kind of combination too.

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